Attractions in Pailin

There are quite a few things to do in Pailin, just ask us and we can arrange that you are brought to the following, and more... 



Pailin is not knows from international mass tourism, barely listed in travel guides, it is an exquisite resort for connaisseurs.

But there are quite a few places to visit, for cultural or relaxation purpose.

We can arrange a guide or transport for you, just ask us at the reception.

Here are but a few examples of what you can find in Pailin. 

Phnom Yat Temple
0.5 km from property
Gems Visits and Laboratory
0.05 km from property
Otawaw Waterfall
4.0 km from property



Pailin is world famous for its Gemstones, mainly Ruby and Sapphire but also for traditional resources such as pepper, fruits, corn etc...

We can arrange you to visit Gems shops and some people specialise in visit to Gems mines, river mining, lapidary workshops and laboratory.

We can also arrange you to visit the local traditional fruit market and should you need to buy something, personal or for export, we can try to help.

Ask us and we can redirect you to what you are looking for. 

Phnom YatGemstones Market
0.5 km from property
Pailin Central Market
1.5 km from property
Manit Mini Mart
0.37 km from property



Many restaurants in Pailin, while a handful are right outside the hotel door, some are a little further and you should try them out. 

You may want to eat traditional food in local restaurants, try the night food market or dine in a more exquisite venue. 

Some places specialise in 1 specific item, some restaurants have a wide selection menu, some propose entertainment... there is a way to stay a whole month in Pailin and dine at a different venue every day, ask us for more info. 

Beef BBQ (Ksath Koh Ang)
0.15 km from property
Gold Mountain Restaurant
0.21 km from property
Street Food Market
0.26 km from property


More information about things to do in Pailin: Pailin Tourism Website

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